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Where Craftsmanship Meets Innovation

At Creative Use of Technology, we pride ourselves on being more than a coffee store. We are a unique blend of organic, high-quality coffee aficionados and tech-savvy professionals. Our pursuit of perfection in both fields has led us to become the go-to coffee and IT consulting service provider in the Northern Virginia area, serving DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Our Commitment

Experience the finest brews with Still Roasting, powered by Creative Use of Technology. As a premier small-batch coffee roaster in Virginia, we deliver exceptional, locally roasted coffee. Our commitment extends to supporting the men and women who serve our country. With every purchase, proceeds are donated to organizations benefiting Police, Fire, Medical, & Military Personnel.

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Artisan Coffee

Our journey begins in the lush coffee farms where only the finest, organic beans are hand-picked and processed. As a small batch independent roaster, we control every step of the process, ensuring that each batch of coffee delivers the distinct flavor profile our customers crave.

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